Leeming Retirement Village provides comfort, security and companionship in a pleasant, relaxed environment in the prestigious suburb of Leeming, south of Perth.

If you have fulfilled your family responsibilities and feel entitled to a life unencumbered by maintaining a large home and garden, Leeming offers you the opportunity to embrace a new way of life.

The village is divided into four main courts, each with individual features and landscaped gardens.

Your beautiful home will offer you freedom and security without restricting your lifestyle at all. You can entertain family and friends in the privacy of your home, or you can have barbecues or tea parties in the Village Centre.

You are also free to go on holiday with the peace of mind that your home will be secure in your absence.

Ground map of Leeming Village Click on the image to see a larger version.

While you can come and go as you please, life at Leeming also offers you the opportunity to make many new friends. Within the community, there are numerous functions and activities taking place for you to participate in if you so desire.

Loneliness will be a thing of the past at Leeming, where you can relax and enjoy this stage of your life in a friendly environment.



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